Executive Team


Cailin Murphy – President

Hi! My name is Cailin and I have had the pleasure of being the President of Students in Communications (SIC) for the past two years! I am currently in my fourth year of Communications and Media Studies with only a few more classes to go! I am an aspiring PR professional with an interest in writing and creating content. Outside of the classroom, I love to bake birthday cakes, play the guitar and travel (my favourite place to go is Dublin, Ireland)! I hope that SIC has been and continues to be helpful, as you navigate your way through the world of Communications, both in university and out!


Ashley Baes – VP Operations and Finance

My name is Ashley! I am in my third year of communications and have been a part of SIC since September 2016. I would consider myself a maker of things: music, videos, and breakfast. I am in the 2 + 2 joint program with SAIT and am looking forward to getting a little more hands-on learning over the next couple of years. Outside of school, you’ll probably find me hanging out in the mountains, walking around downtown Calgary, watching movies, or playing in a marching band. I am a member of the Calgary Stampede Showband, which has resulted in me being able to travel to parts of Brazil, Kerkrade in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France just to name a few places. Finally, if you love bad jokes as much as I do, please, feel free to share them with me.


Kaileyne Stevenson – VP Internal Relations

Hey! my name is Kaileyne and I am the VP Internal for SIC. I am from Vancouver Island, with a deep love for the beach. I’m currently in my 5th year of communications with a minor in psychology. I have a passion for reading, sexual health, tea and food! My favourite animal is Dogs, obviously, with platypuses as a close second, although I mostly talk about dogs. When I graduate, I hope to be involved in social media and working towards a more inclusive, up to date sexual health education program.


Alexandra Turner-Davis – Director of Internal Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Turner-Davis, and I am the Internal Director for Students in Communications for the 2017/2018 school year. Hailing from the rather isolated icicle of a city, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, I enjoy the outdoors, being warm and life’s simplicities. I am currently finishing my last semester of my Communication and Media Studies degree and I have found that my interests lie in both effective technical and personable writing styles as well as exercising my creative juices by practicing my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills. My ideal career is something that can allow me to pursue both facets. I plan on returning to Yellowknife to begin my career with the intentions of returning to southern Canada within the next few years. With an appreciation for witty puns and highly animated stories, I am a strong believer that laughter is the strongest medicine!


A.j. Brown – VP External Relations

I am currently completing a combined honours degree in Law and Society and Communications and Media Studies. I pride myself on being the ultimate devils advocate, as it is truly impossible to understand an issue until you’ve examined all possible positions – including those that are considered taboo or problematic. Due to this, I spend as much time as possible pursuing and disseminating information surrounding issues of environmentalism, access to justice and new media regulation. Outside of academics and the workplace, my kids are my world with much of my free time spent helping my son and daughter learn and grow, including assisting them with their many extra-curricular pursuits.


Domenica Chieffo – Director of External Relations

My name is Domenica Chieffo and I am the Director of External Communication for the club. Currently, I am in my fourth year of a combined degree in Communications and Media studies and Biological Sciences, with Co-op designation. I love the outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing and snowboarding and I am also a member of the Dino’s Fastball team. Born and raised in Calgary, I have a passion for the environment and conservation, but I also love social media and event planning. In the future, I hope to find a career in which I can combine these two very different fields.


Ana Hernandez – Director of External Relations

My name is Ana Hernandez and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Business. I would consider myself a fun and extroverted person who loves new experiences and challenges. Currently, like most students, I’m not particularly sure what “I want to be when I grow up” but I’m figuring it all out along the way. Being part of this club has allowed me to make great friendships, and learn new things about my degree. I hope to keep expanding my knowledge through both my classes and the Students in Communications Club, and can’t wait to see what the next years will bring.


Sheleza Manji – VP Student Affairs

I am a 3rd-year Communication and Media Studies major, joining the SIC club for the 2017/18 academic year as VP Student Affairs.

I have a taken a strong interest in the field of Communications since I was young, competing in public speaking competitions for over 12 years. I am always open to providing students with interview and public speaking skills!

Throughout my school years, I have taken leadership roles within the Hospitality industry tackling majority Marketing and Events positions. Upon Graduation, I hope to start a career in Communications within the Hospitality Industry.


Rayna Chotowetz – Director of Student Affairs


Busola Fapojuwo – VP Events and Volunteering

Hey! My name is Busola and I am the VP of Events and Volunteering for SIC. I am in my 4th year of Communications with a double minor in business and French, graduating in December 2018.

I love bullet journaling, cooking, and spin class. If you don’t see me at school that much, it’s because I also work doing social media marketing for Arts Commons! If you do find me, come say hi!

Alia Aluma-Baigent – Director of Events and Volunteering

Hi, my name is Alia and I am a communications and art history major at the University of Calgary.